Inflatable Paddle Boards

Who says Mom and Dad should have all the fun? Even many public pools are offering classes in stand up paddleboarding. Top performance boards for skilled paddleboarders it has very good functionality and will fulfill the aims of further developing paddleboat skills. The Tower, already a high quality paddle board, comes with an array of accessories.

The fact that iSUPs are slightly larger than hard boards means that they can catch waves fairly easily - even small ones - so if you choose an inflatable board you might find yourself out on the water more regularly. Whether you're into fun little shore breaks or the pristine flat water of your favorite local lake or river, an inflatable paddle board helps you get there that much quicker.

Atoll Board Company is a premier provider of inflatable stand up paddle boards, paddles, accessories, apparel and more at competitive prices. It is possible to store stand up paddle boards fully inflated, but if you can't see yourself using it much during winter months then it's best to deflate it while not in use.

Move aside surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding and all the rest: stand-up paddle boarding has arrived. Medium-sized inflatable SUP boards (from 9′ to 12′) are the most popular length, and are a great choice for all-around, all-purpose use. When you are buying an inflatable SUP look for a main brand and if you can't afford to buy their boards from new, then second hand is a great option.

The best inflatable racer SUP boards are designed for speed. Every penny is worth spending whenever I try to stand up paddle for myself they are great fun to my surfing life. One of the best perks about having an inflatable stand up paddle board is that it's so much easier to transport to and from the water than a traditional hard epoxy board.

You need to think about what you want to do on, and achieve from your stand up paddleboard. Not every board comes with a paddle - even the top-end RIDE iSUP from the Red Paddle Co forces you to buy a paddle separately. It does have one of the lowest prices available for a quality inflatable paddle board, so in that way it has high value.

5 QUESTIONS YOU NEED TO ASK BEFORE BUYING A SUP SURFING BOARD. When inflated the Aqua Marina Vapor Paddle Board measures 10'10” x 30” x 4”. It is durably constructed from high quality PVC material that will stand up to flat water exploring as well as surfing.

If you're prioritizing speed inflatable stand up paddle board and weight over durability, consider getting a single-layered inflatable stand up paddle board. Security - Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can be rolled up into your vehicle, no need to buy an expensive rack. In the package, the manufacturers have included a bag, a pump and a large removable center fin.

You can check them onto an airplane generally with no extra fees as they don't weigh very much, often less than 14kg bagged with pump. Racing or surfing on bigger waves is more effective with hard boards. They have developed an inflatable board that can hold its own against traditional hardboards.

Shorter boards are often used in Stand Up Paddle Surf competitions (smaller boards are more manoeuvrable). The Vilano Navigator Paddle Board may be inflatable but it gives an experience much like that of a hard board, and with the ease of transport of an inflatable one.

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